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About Instant-Find
Instant-Find utilizes billions of mobile devices globally to assist in positioning without GPS or a SIM card. The device sends encrypted Bluetooth signals to surrounding mobile devices that are capable of assisting with location services. These devices will transmit the location of the Instant-Find device to the owner's mobile. This process is encrypted and provides customers with an easy way to track the location of the device with high accuracy.

Instant-Find can be used in various settings. The design is based on the concept of a lost and found item locator. It is advanced from using Bluetooth range to a global positioning system, expanding its range of application.

1. Sports Competition:
For any sports competition, accurate targeting over a certain distance (marathon, rally, triathlon, etc.) is important. It can be used to record tracks and prevent any abnormal interference, thereby preserving evidence of fairness in the competition.

2. Pets:
Instant-Find is accompanied by a keychain that can be attached to a pet's collar. This eliminates the worry of losing your furry friend, and the device does not emit sound, so it will not startle them.

3. Cars and Motorcycles:
We often have to search for our vehicles in a parking lot or worry about them being stolen, moved or towed away. Instant-Find can be installed in a vehicle, allowing quick and easy location without needing to remember where you parked.

4. Healthcare:
Many elderly people suffer from dementia, and young children often get lost. Having them wear an Instant-Find device ensures you can always know where they are, giving you the peace of mind that you need. In terms of convenience and accuracy, Instant-Find is superior to standard GPS positioning systems.

5. Platform Signal Integration:
Instant-Find can be integrated with various positioning trackers on different servers, making it easy to search for targets anywhere, anytime using your desktop or smartphone app. The device can be used with various locators, making management a breeze, and can meet all of your functional needs.

Instant-Find is suitable for many different applications in everyday life. How does it differ from traditional GPS positioning systems?

> No SIM Card or Monthly Fees Required:
Most GPS locators on the market require a SIM card and payment of monthly fees. Instant-Find does not need them.

> Low Power Consumption:
Instant-Find's chip has extremely low power consumption and uses Seiko MS621/CR2032 batteries.

> Light Weight:
Unlike traditional GPS positioning systems, Instant-Find only weighs 1.5-20g.

> Dustproof and Waterproof:
Instant-Find comes in multiple styles, all of which use high-density plastic casing that is difficult to damage.

Instant-Find: Location, Asset, and Personnel Tracking Solution